About us


"AzMikroInvest" NBCI was established in April 2014 and started microfinance activity by getting limited bank license from The Central Bank in June of that year.

"AzMikroInvest" NBCI target market is dense populated regions with internally displaced persons and low-income families of the country. In order to develop businesses owned by these families and improve socio-economic situation of these families by revenues from these businesses microloans were allocated since August 2014 and significant development has been achieved. Generally loans were given with group and personal guarantee.

"AzMikroInvest " NBCI main goal is providing micro-business with financial support in our country by operating as sustainable microfinance institution in order to  improve the social welfare of low-income families.

The institution's financial base was formed by capital investment, funds and percent incomes of local financial institutions. Besides the expanding microloans activities in the future plans of the AzMikroInvest is also included  creation of new loan products and providing microfinance support for the business development of low-income people in densely populated villages and towns. Fort his purpose the institution raise additional funds from local and international financial institutions to expand microfinance services.

In addition, "AzMikroInvest" NBCI offers consumer loans to meet the needs of the consumer. Consumer loans mainly are given in order to meet the consumption needs of the population such as home (apartment) repair and construction, purchase of household goods, education and etc.