"AzMikroInvest" NBCI was registered in "" website in January 2015.
"AzMikroInvest" NBCI was elected member of Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association on May 12, 2015. From that date the institution takes active part in all events headed by AMFA on the leadership level, as well as participates in training courses organized by staff of AMFA. Afterwards "AzMikroInvest" NBCI will continue its work…
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 20:42


"AzMikroInvest" NBCI was represented on the leadership level in the 4th Investors meeting held by Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association on October 09, 2015. Seminars on several topics were held in this meeting. Directors of the institution held detailed discussions with local and foreign investors.
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 20:42


The directors of "AzMikroInvest" NBCI took part in the final meeting of Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association and demonstrated its position about issues of agenda on December 15, 2015.